Apt Controls provide high quality systematic repairing job work in the field of industrial electronics instrumentation and electronics control PCBs.We give cost effective, time bound innovative solutions tailored according to our customers need for the same. We have best of technical tools, expert technical engineers & in house well stock components.This way we can go to the component level repairing which saves replacement option & this approach cuts down factory down time and cost.We can repair any make AC/DC Drives, Servo Drives,UPS, Steeper Drives P.L.C.s,I/P & O/P cards, P.I.D./Process Controllers, Soft Starters, Battery chargers , Power Supply & HMI Panel.

What is unique about us
  • We provide all make repair at one place. We are not specifically connected to any particular company.
  • We provide component level repair, so it makes always cost effective as compared to authorized repairing centre or product replacement.
  • We provide repair jobwork to newer as well as old technology control circuits. We provide Obsolete models repair service
  • Perfect repairing estimate before carry out jobwork. No deviation in charge after job completion.
  • No evaluation charges. Though it involve labour as much as repairing jobwork. If customer doesn’t want to repair, we return the job without charging anything.
  • Easy tracking of your jobwork status. You can easily know your jobwork status through personalized contact number.

Repair Estimate: Evaluation of job work
  • The first and most important part of repair jobwork is to evaluate repair estimate of any instruments or control PCBs.
  • We provide fast and perfect estimate before carry out any job work.
  • We guarantee no deviation in estimate after completion of job.
  • Value Addition: Though it involves equal labour to evaluate repairing estimate of any job as much as to carry out and complete the jobwork. We don’t charge any estimate evaluation charge to clients even though client want unrepaired job delivery

Repair Quality:
  • Each jobwork is handled systematically through our trained and skilled technical staff.
  • Each repair jobwork is carry out in a strict component handling rules.
  • Each repair job is properly tested at our lab with required load before delivery.

Delivery Facility:

There are three types of options available for delivery of the job.

  • Through routine transport service: Courier, Cargo, Transport.
  • Personalize delivery: A personalized delivery can be arranged by us.
  • Come and Take: Customer can collect their delivery by its own way from our premises.


Our key benefits V/s Authorized Service Centre / Other repairer

Our Advantages Authorized Service Centre
All make repair and service provider Repair and service is limited to their products only
We provide component level repair service Repair job is limited to PCB/card level
We provide repair to old as well as new technology control circuit design. Discontinued and obsolete models repair service is also provided by us. Repair is not provided to discontinued models or obsolete models.
Reasonable & economic cost of repairing due to component level repairing. Cost of repairing is very high due to card level repairing and other corporate overheads
Time saving: in normal case we generally provide repaired jobwork within 7 days of customer order confirmation. Time consuming normally 1 month or more.
Jobwork status can easily be tracked Not easy to track jobwork status